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About Us

Our Food Philosophy

Fresh, not processed foods are cooked here (if it can rot, we cook it) and we do our best to provide a tranquil environment in which to eat it!

We source ethically produced foods, fair trade coffee and free-range foods, no artificial foods, nothing pre-packed nor fast food. We want you to eat food suitable for your body. All diets are catered for.

Services we provide:

  • Platters designed around your party or board room function
  • Outside and In-House Catering
  • Home-style Meals for Freezing
  • Venue / Funtions
  • Various Workshops

Background to the Owner –
Lynn Mostert

With a background in Diatetics, professionally I have been a Home Economics Teacher, Home Economist and Demonstrator, Food Judge, Entrepreneur and Business Owner and Caterer.

“55 years ago, on a dusty trading station-farm in the Transkei, my love for food was born as I watched and learnt to cook from my Mom, who is an excellent, refined cook, while Dad and Gran encouraged the farmer in me. Nurtured into a life and curiosity about food, farming, business and teaching, as a 6th generation Transkeian growing up on the trading station, my love for fresh food and the production of it, flourished. Cape Town beckoned and 30 years of either teaching Home Economics or food demonstrations as well as an education in Diatetics later, I planned to open a business with my daughter Nikki. This was not to be, as she became ill and passed away. And so the Cafe became my new family, 7 years ago.”